Inlightened Alchemy's mission is to provide access to the most therapeutic quality hemp medicine that currently exists. In doing so we source a spagyric extract which contains all of the beneficial hemp phytonutrients, including terpenes, minerals, esters, flavonoids, esters, phenols, and cannabinoids. This has been shown to maximize what is called the Entourage Effect, which describes how the effectiveness of the plant is magnified when all of its constituents are intact. This allows for the innate wisdom of the body to take over and bring balance to the many ailments far too many people are experiencing. 

Inlightened Alchemy was founded by Trevor Polinsky and Kristopher Grove.

Trevor has an extensive background in alchemical formulations and has had the honor of learning from some of the best alchemists currently alive. Combining this with his understanding of business, passion and drive has resulted in the formation of this revolutionary company. 

Kristopher background is in massage/sound/energy therapy. While developing this practice, he came to the conclusion that many people are out of balance. Learning more about cannabis and the endocannabinoid system led to the awareness that this system is critical in maintaining a healthy and happy life. With a client focused energy, Kristopher connects with our customers in a way that they know they are truly being heard.  

We take great pride in honoring the medicine and in so doing in honoring our customers. We believe in transparency and education. As we see it, the lack of knowledge of the EndoCannabinoid system has resulted in so much unecessary pain and suffering. If we honor our bodies with what they need, the innate intelligence of the body will shine through and finally people can reclaim the power of their health!!